ROLLING ADMISSION Open for the 2018/2019 School Year  

Please join us for our upcoming Open House & Meet the Land event on Friday, December 14th from 9-10am at our program location: Contrast Farm in East Boulder. RSVP to

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"I’m so grateful you were inspired to create such a lovely environment for our little ones. They will grow tremendously in a positive way for life because of your influence. I can see in our son's language the sweet things he learns at school through the teachers. Speaking of his “heart” and focusing on the positive (not all the time of course!). He even sings the songs you guys sing, and joins me when I sing now pretty regularly. He asks to go bird watching and loves the outdoors without the hesitation he had in the past. We truly consider you and Ethan as an extension of our family.", Forest K Parent, '17-'18

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Children are multisensory, physical beings. The younger the child, the more the child learns through sensory and physical activity. The variety and richness of natural settings— the wind, the sky, the changing clouds, the moving animals, the cycling plants, the hardness of rocks, the flow of water, the varieties of colors and sounds, the wide range of permitted behaviors— shouting and running and climbing— all contribute to physical, cognitive, and emotional development more than manufactured indoor environments typically can or do.
— Mary Rivkin